All Day Special

General Tso's Chicken
White Meat with White Rice
Sesame Chicken
White Meat with White Rice
Spring Roll(4) and Crab Rangoon (6)  
Spring Roll(4)  
Crab Rangoon (6)  

Soup and Salad

Miso Soup
Tofu and seaweed in the miso broth
Hibachi Soup
Chicken broth with scallions and muchroom
Vegetable Miso Soup
White Miso brothwith tofu and vegetable
Spicy Seafood Soup
Vegetable, crab meat, shrimp, and scallops
House Salad  
Seaweed Salad  
Crabmeat Salad  
Squid Salad  
Spicy Salmon Salad  
Spicy Tuna Salad  


Japanese noodle soup, little spicy
Seafood Yaki Udon
Stir fried noodles with crabmeat, scallops, and shrimps
Chicken Yaki Udon
Stir fried noodles with chicken
Tempura Udon
Batter fried shrimp in noodle soup
Nabeyaki Udon
Noodle soup with kani, fish cake, chicken egg, vegetable and shrimp tempura
Pad Thai Noodle with Vegetable  
Chicken or Beef  

Fried Rice

Served with House Salad or Soup

Plain Fried Rice  
Beef Fried Rice  
Vegetable Fried Rice  
Shrimp Fried Rice  
Chicken Fried Rice  
Combination Fried Rice  

Sushi and Sashimi Entrees

Served with Miso Soup and Salad

Sushi Regular
Chef's choice 7 pcs. Sushi and one YumYum roll
Sushi Deluxe
Chef's choice 9 pcs. Sushi and one YumYum roll
Sashimi Regular
Chef's choice 12 pcs. Sashimi and one YumYum roll
Sashimi Deluxe
Chef's choice 15 pcs. Sashimi and one YumYum roll

Don Buri

Served with Soup or Salad

Katsu Don
Deep fried pork cooked with veg. and egg over rice
Oyoko Don
Chicken and veg. cooked withegg over rice
Unagi Don
Broiled eel over rice

Kids Menu

For Kids 12 and Under (Served with Soup or Salad)

Chicken Nugget and French Fries  
Hibachi Chicken  
Hibachi Steak  
Hibachi Shrimp  

Kitchen Entrees

Served with soup, salad and white rice

Chicken Teriyaki  
Beef Teriyaki  
Salmon Teriyaki  
Shrimp Teriyaki  
Chicken Katsu
Japanese Cracker Breader and Deep Fried
Slice beef roll with scallion
Vegetable Tempura  
Chicken Tempura  
Shrimp Tempura  
Chicken and Shrimp Tempura  

Traditional Hibachi
Grill Entrees

Each Dinner Include Japanese Onion Soup, Salad,Hibachi Vegetable, Fried Rice and Two Grill Jumbo Shrimp

Filet Mignon  
Noodle Lovers  
Red Snapper  

Hibachi Combo

Each Dinner Include Japanese Onion Soup, Salad,Hibachi Vegetable, Fried Rice and Two Grill Jumbo Shrimp

Chicken and Shrimp  
Steak and Chicken  
Chicken and Scallop  
Steak and Scallop  
Filet Mignon and Chicken  
Filet Mignon and Shrimp or Scallop  
Steak, Chicken, Shrimp or Scallop  
Filet Mignon, Chicken, Shrimp or Scallop  

Seafood Combo

Shrimp Scallop and Lobster  
Pick Two
Shrimp, Scallop, Red Snapper, Salmon

Additional Order

Can only order with dinner Entrée

Fried Rice  
Steamed Rice  
Filet Mignon  

Hibachi Lunch

Served with Soup or Salad, Vegetable and Fried Rice

Hibachi Chicken  
Hibachi Shrimp  
Hibachi Salmon  
Hibachi Steak  
Hibachi Filet Mignon  
Hibachi Scallop  
Hibachi Noodle Lovers  
Hibachi Steak and Chicken  
Hibachi Steak and Shrimp  
Hibachi Chicken and Shrimp  

Sushi Lunch

5pcs. Of sushi and a YumYum Roll
7 pcs. Of sashimi and a YumYum Roll
Sushi and Sashimi
4 pcs. Of sushi, 6 pcs. of sashimi and a YumYum Roll

Side Order

Yum Yunm Sauce
1 pt
Ginger Sauce
1 pt
Salad Dressing
1 pt
2 Eggs for Fried Rice  
Yum Yunm Sauce
2 Cups
Ginger Sauce
2 Cups
Salad Dressing
2 Cups
Fried Rice
1 pt
Spicy Manynine
1 Cup
Eel Sauce
1 Cup
1 Cup
Spicy Sauce
1 Cup
Sweet and Sour Sauce
1 Cup


A1.  Gyoza
Japanese pan fried dumpling
A2.  Edamame
Cooked green soybean with salt
A3.  Yakitori
2 Skewered grilled chicken
A4.  Shrimp Shumai
Japanese steamed dumpling
A5.  Beef or Chicken Negimaki
Sliced beef or chicken roll with scallion in teriyaki sauce
A6.  Veg. Tempura
Assorted vegetable battered and deep fried
A7.  Shrimp Tempura
Batter fried shrimp and vegetable
A8.  Soft Shell Crab
Deep fried soft shell crab served with ponzu sauce
A9.  Fried Oysters
Deep fried oysters served with ponzu sauce
A10.  Fried Calamari
Deep fried calamari served with chef's special sauce
A11.  Hamachi Kama  
A12.  Tuna Tartar  
A13.  Yellowtail Jalapeno  

Sushi Menu--A La Carte (2 pcs)

Notice: These food items are (or might be ) undercooked. Some of the food items contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or under cooked seafood, shell fish may increase your risk of foodborn illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

1.  Tuna
2.  Salmon
3.  Yellow Tail
4.  White Tuna
5.  Sweet Shrimp
6.  Scallop
7.  Mackerel
8.  Squid
9.  Red Snapper
10.  Shrimp
11.  Octopus
12.  Eel
13.  Crab Meat
14.  Egg Omelet
15.  Sweet Fried Tofu


2 pcs

16.  Ikura(Salmon Roe)  
17.  Tobiko(Flying Fish Roe)  
18.  Masago(Smelt Roe)  


19.  8 pcs.
Chef's Choice
20.  12 pcs.
Chef's Choice
21.  16 pcs.
Chef's Choice
22.  25 pcs.
Chef's Choice

Hand Rolls(1 pc.)

23.  California Hand Roll  
24.  Tuna Hand Roll  
25.  Spicy Tuna Hand Roll  
26.  Unagi Hand Roll  
27.  Spicy Crab Hand Roll  
28.  Spicy Crunch Hand Roll  

Any Single Roll

Crab Stick Sweet Potato Roll
Avocado RollShrimp Roll
California RollSalmon Roll
Eel Avocado RollAlaskan Roll
Philly Roll Spicy Yellowtail Roll
Tuna RollCucumber Roll
Yellow Tail RollBoston Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll Veg. Roll
Spicy Salmon RollDerby Roll
NY Roll Sea Chicken Roll

Any Single Roll  

Special Roll

S4.  Yum Yum Roll
Spicy crab, Crunch inside
S5.  Crunch Roll
Spicy crab, tempura flakes inside and top
S6.  Kentucky Roll
spicy crab meat, cream cheese, deep fried
S7.  Casie Roll
Spicy crab and cream cheese top with avocado
S8.  Shrimp Tempura Roll
Masago, lettuce, cucumber, shrimp tem.
S9.  Dragon Roll
Crab, eel, cucumber, avocado
S10.  Ruby Roll
Salmon Tempura, with avocado, cucumber, with spicy sauce
S11.  Mellow Yellow
Yellow soy been wrap, fresh mango, crab meat, avocado, salmon and kiwi sauce
S12.  Dixie Crazy
Shrimp tempura, crunch,spicy tuna mango, cucumber
S13.  Golf of Mexico
Spicy salmon, eel snapper, yellow tail, jalapeno
S14.  Sex City
Spicy salmon, crab meat, egg, veg.
S15.  Spider Roll
Fried soft shell crab with lettuce, cucumber and mayonnaise
S16.  Sunshine
Deep fried roll with sliced tuna, salmon, white fish and avocado
S17.  Kamikaze Roll
California wrapped, with spicy salmon top
S18.  Crazy Tuna
Tuna, avocado and crunch with spicy tuna on top
S19.  Big Brown
Spicy crab, cream cheese, scallop on top
S20.  Play Boy
Shrimp tem. Cream cheese, tuna on top
S21.  Fire Island
Shrimp tempura and avocado with spicy mayo sauce inside, topped with spicy crunchy tuna and chili sauce
S22.  Volcano
Spicy yellowtail and cucumber topped with tempura flakes and spicy chili sauce
S23.  Rainbow
Cucumber, caviar topped withsliced tune ,salmon,white fish and avacado
S24.  Dynamite
Tempura deep fried roll with white fish,, scallion, caviar, avocado and special wasabi sauce
S25.  American Dream Roll
Shrimp tempura, tobiko, avocado, cucumber and caviar
S26.  Dancing Lady
Soy bean wrap, tuna, cream cheese, eel, cucumber, veg.
S27.  Rock "N" Roll
Salmon, yellow tail, ikura red, top caviar, black caviar
S28.  New York Roll
shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy crab meat and seaweed on top
S29.  Fuji Roll
shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy crab meat and seaweed on top
S30.  Crystal Roll
(spicy white tuna crunch inside, top with white tuna in miso sauce)
S31.  Butterfly Roll
(spicy yellowtail, cucumber, top salmon and tuna, miso sauce)
S32.  Eel Lover Roll
(eel, crab, avocado, cucumber, top salmon and tuna, miso sauce)
S33.  Crown Royal Roll
(spicy crab, creame cheese, avacado, shrimp, inside, (top) crab, wasabi and spicy mayonnaise sauce
S34.  King's Roll
(Whole lobster tail, 1/2 salad, 1/2 roll with chef special sauce)
S35.  Lasvegas Roll  
S36.  Summer Roll
Crabmeat shrimp, avocado, salmon wrap in cucumber with ponzu sauce
S37.  Osaka Roll
Shrimp tempura, crabmeat, top with jumbo sweet shrimp, white fish with tobiko on top
S38.  Avocado Blesson
Crabmeat, avocado, baked with special sauce
S39.  Fuji Combo
Pick any single roll(6)
S40.  Fuji Combo
Pick any special roll(3)

Sashimi Roll

S1.  BMW
Yellow Tail wrapped, spicy tuna and cucumber, top salmon and eel
S2.  Lexus
Avocado wrapped, spicy tuna and cucumber, top tuna, salmon, yellowtail
S3.  UofL
Tuna wrapped, spicy tuna salmon and cucumber, top tuna, salmon, eel